Hitting the 50-Yard Golf Pitch Shot Like a Pro

Duration: 1:23

Do you struggle with that awkward 50-yard golf pitch shot? Something about that uncomfortable half distance makes many amateur golfers shake in their boots. Maybe it’s the technique, maybe it’s the need to take a little off their swing. Well we’re here to put your worries to rest and help you put your golf pitch shot closer to the hole. In this lesson, we teach you an expert solution to improve your golf pitch shot and take the difficulty out of the mid-yardage pitches that strike fear in the hearts of golfers around the world.

Simplify your swing to nail your golf pitch shot

The thing that prevents most amateurs from solidifying their golf pitching game, more often than not, is making their swing more complicated than it needs to be. For the majority of golf pitching, a simple stroke is all it takes to get the ball up and down. With that idea in mind, PGA Professionals Rafael Floriani and Joseph Hallett introduce an expert tip you can utilize to take the guesswork out of your 50-yard golf pitch shot so you can put one solid motion behind the ball and get it in close.

To perfect your 50-yard wedge, all you have to do is adjust your stance and rotate. That’s right, to perfect your golf pitch shot, just solidify your base by spreading your feet a little wider, place the ball in the middle of your body, and put a relaxed, well-tempoed swing on it. Rafael shows you how to rotate your chest in the backswing and then turn it back through the ball on the follow-through. It’s as easy as that. Take advantage of Rafael’s expert tip for hitting the 50-yard golf pitch shot, and you’ll never feel uncomfortable stepping up to those mid-range shots again!

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